Stories in the Sky

Interactive Digital Experience
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About Stories in the Sky

Stories in the Sky is the first learning module in the Zed Digital Makerspace, a program that allows schools and museums join forces in helping young generations become interested in STEM subjects. Our Kickstarter is currently active! Please watch the video on the right and share with your family and friends. This is a big challenge, but with enough support and networking it can do a great deal towards helping museums and schools.

Stories in the Sky is an interactive museum experience that explores the myths and science of our 88 recognized constellations. It uses beautifully designed animation, great sound-design, and awe-inspiring star facts to generate a sense of wonder in kids and adults alike. It is a user-driven experience, meaning users follow their interests wherever they may lead.

In fact, our plan is to build each program with the help of scientists, educators, storytellers, and most importantly kids. Stories in the Sky was the subject of our first ever Design-Thinking Workshop. It was amazingly fun and informative for the students and for us.

Zed is short for GenerationZ Education. The console is one of the most important parts of the system, designed specifically for science museums and our Zed Digital Makerspace program. It uses a high-definition interactive stretch monitor mounted on a futuristic console with touch-screen graphic interface. It can be used by one, two, or three simultaneous users, and is built for all heights and ages. The system also makes use of a large non-interactive wall monitor that displays imagery that a room full of people can view.

Another way the Zed Digital Makerspace is unique is the way it connects schools with museums, helping both to solve some major disconnects with young generations. Check out the video below to see how the whole system works.